Kanonji & Takase

The Great Sand Coin

The Zenigata Sand Coin is also known as Kan-ei-tsuho. Located on the beach and surrounded by pine trees, it is about 2 meters deep and looks completely circular. But in reality, it is not round. Some say it is over 350 years old, others say about 130. Nobody knows exactly how old it is. Many believe it was made in order to welcome Lord Ikoma IV, who was coming to the village one day. It is said that the villagers gathered and dug the coin in the sand overnight.

Now it is a symbol of the city of Kannonji. The townspeople take care of it

and clean it up twice a year. When you go to Kanonji, you should go to Kotohiki Park to see it from the top of the hill.


Ocha Matsuri

Located in Mitoyo-gun, Takase hosts this green tea festival. Takase is famous for green tea, which is loved all over Japan. The festival is held in July to celebrate the harvest. People dance "bon-odori," sing songs, and perform on Japanese drums. We can also eat many kinds of food at the street stalls. Why don't visit the festival for a great time!

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